Home Cleaning

August 7, 2021
How to clean old tiles

How to clean old tiles?

The old floors are characterized by their design, color and their liveliness. Thanks to their uniqueness, they bring a special touch to the home. If you […]
May 31, 2021
How to load a dishwasher

How to load a dishwasher Correctly: The Definitive Guide

A dishwasher machine is a useful gadget for the kitchen. In the dishwasher, we can clean various kinds of kitchen gadgets like dishes, cups, glass, knives, […]
May 25, 2021
how to clean toilet tank

Do you know how to clean toilet tank?

All or most of us know how to clean a toilet depending on the dirt it has and how it is presented. But knowing how to […]
May 25, 2021
How to get dog poop out of carpet

How to get dog poop out of carpet

Most dogs will have an indoor poop accident at some point. When this happens on a carpet, it can be quite a mess, even if the […]
April 30, 2021
How to get gum out of carpet

How to get gum out of carpet

Although gum stains on the carpet are very common, many of us do not know how to clean them, for that reason we will show you […]
January 14, 2021
Cleaning bathroom furniture

Bathroom cleaning checklist to better organize them

Stress-free bathroom cleaning! Does it seem impossible to you? Here’s how to sanitize your bathroom quickly and easily.
October 15, 2020
How to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets

How to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets

Cockroaches are a type of insect that loves dirt. As much as we keep the home clean. Sometimes the remains of food or garbage without taking […]
September 19, 2020
how to clean burnt stove top

How to Clean Burnt Stove Top? Follow These Techniques

One of the most common problems faced by all housewives is to clean the kitchen and worktops effectively, The daily use of gas hobs over time […]
June 3, 2020
Where to Put an Air Purifier

Where to Put an Air Purifier? Find out the perfect place to place it

Are you thinking of buying an air purifier or already have one and don’t know where to place it? Well, take it easy because, in our […]