The most reliable appliance has simplicity and quality, does what is demanded of it, is economical to use, easy to maintain, and just as easy to repair. ...It also sells best and looks good.

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The wonderful world of home appliances now makes it possible to cook indoors with charcoal and outdoors with gas.

Appliances have idiosyncracies, just like us. Unfortunately they have picked up our less attractive traits - they are proud, spiteful, and unforgiving.

Every kitchen appliance is useful and nothing's overrated. Instead of espresso machine, I see a steaming valve as an opportunity to make amazing creme brulee.

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Are you a fan of perfectly made beds like the ones you find in hotels? We leave you the tricks on how to make the bed like a pro. So you can achieve them at home.

Have you also noticed how well-made the hotel beds are? It is always a pleasure to get between clean and perfectly placed sheets. But now you won’t have to wait to stay in a hotel to enjoy that feeling. We teach you how to make the perfect bed in just a couple of movements. That we assure you, make a difference.

If you want to sleep every night in a luxury bed, what you always have to do is maintain order and cleanliness in your bedroom. Dusting, sweeping, keeping the room clean. And having the bed perfectly made are activities that you have to incorporate into your daily routine to achieve this effect. Also, do you know that doing housework relaxes? These small gestures may be what you need to start the day calmly and calmly.

Now, it is time to pay attention and follow this complete guide step by step. To make the ideal bed that will allow you a wonderful rest every night.


Open the windows so that the elements of your bed breathe and the room is filled with freshness. Remove the dust from the places where it tends to accumulate to avoid this, look at the tables, the headboard of the bed, the picture that you have hanging above … And before you start making the bed, sweep. There is nothing like a dust-free and always clean room to rest as we deserve.

Now that you are preparing to make the bed like a pro, the first thing you have to do is look at the mattress. Is it time to turn it around? There’s nothing like getting off to a good start and setting your mattress up for the moment.

The same happens with the pillows, it is time to fluff the pillows so that they are more fluffy and the filling is distributed evenly. This guarantees you a good rest and is also a good way to air them.


tricks to make bed like a pro

The first thing you have to do is have sheets according to the level of rest you are looking for. Ideally, they should have more than 200 threads per inch and be cotton mixed with polyester, so they are soft but not wrinkled too much. Ideally, go for white, but any solid color will work to create this effect.

And here is the crux of the matter: yes, you have to iron the sheets. The trick to making them perfect is to do it when they are still a little damp.


Bottom: it is the simplest, follow the guidelines of the corners. And make sure that it is perfectly fitted in the four. Although hotels do not use this type of sheet, they opt for one without the corner folds and tuck the excess under the perfectly folded mattress so that it is taut.

Countertop: Spread the top sheet so that it is approximately 50 centimeters on the top of the bed. Shall we tuck the excess as we can under the mattress? No, we follow the Hospital Corners technique:

If you are going to place a blanket, fold the two things together, so we make sure that everything will remain in place the next morning. The key is to avoid any wrinkles by perfectly tightening the sheets.


If you are a quilt, you can do the Hospital Corners technique if you don’t like the effect it does when it hangs up. And if you are a quilt make sure there is the same amount left over on one side as on the other. Wrinkles ruin all the work you have done, be very careful about removing them on all layers.

Now you just have to place the cushions to your liking, a blanket (perfectly) folded at the foot of the bed and, to dream! This is how you can make the bed like a pro.

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