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Best 4 cup coffee maker

Coffee enthusiast or lovers mainly depends on the coffee maker machines for making a coffee but some of them often get confused on buying the best 4 cup coffee maker. Here, we crossed for you.

A refreshing tasty coffee always makes the mood good and relieves all the tiredness or stress. People consume this delicious from early morning wake up or on a work break period in fact at any time. Moreover, home is the best place to enjoy this aromatic pleasure drink. And for that, you’ll need the best 4 cups, coffee maker. This machine makes this delicious coffee quickly along with an ideal amount. Meanwhile, some of these coffee makers hold the coffee temperature to make sure it’s longevity. However, there are various types of 4 cup coffee makers available in the market. We did some research about this and comes up with the best ones for you. So, keep reading this article to find out the best 4 cup coffee maker.

Cuisinart DCC-450BK

best cup coffee maker

This 4 cup coffee maker is a sturdy-looking and durable machine which have advanced features. Also, the operating system of this machine is very easy to run. The most incredible feature of this machine is the shut-off feature which is automatic and activates every thirty minutes.

It’s an ideal coffee maker for baristas. For maintaining the optimal temperature as it designs carafe is stainless steel. Moreover, it keeps the coffee heat for a long time. Within five minutes, a full 4 cups of coffee can be made. Also, its showerheads designs optimize the quality and taste of the cold brew coffee. You can enjoy your coffee before completing the brewing process by using the pause–brew feature. Here, for thirty seconds the brewing gets to pause and meanwhile, a cup gets fully poured. Lastly, it is easy to descale and clean also, there is a very low hassle for maintaining this coffee maker.

Mr. Coffee Switch 4-Cup

Mr. Coffee cup coffee maker

Mr. Coffee Switch 4-Cup coffee maker is user-friendly and simple to use which makes it quite popular. This sleek machine comes in a compact size. Although, its carafe is not stainless-steel it has great features. Moreover, it has dual water windows that make sure no overflowing. Likewise, its other tremendous features are the power indicator switch & light, pause-brew function, filter basket removable, etc.

This coffee maker can easily make four cups of coffee but it can also serve only one cup if you want to. Also, you can try any type of coffee in this machine because it always produces a high flavor and rich taste. Moreover, its cleaning process is very quick and easy.

Elite Cuisine EHC-2022

Elite Cuisine up coffee maker

This coffee machine is straightforward, easy to use, and simple coffee maker. Also, within less time it serves a tasty cup of coffee. This coffee maker can be cleaned in a dishwasher or sink. Moreover, its operating system is very easy and simple which is equipped with an on and off switch. With great features and at a reasonable price, this coffee maker is also a great choice.


The 4 cup coffee maker machine might look a little small but it comes in handy as it works fast and efficiently. We hope that now you can buy the right one. Enjoy your coffee.

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How to use ninja blender?

Ninja blender can be used to make many products such as smoothies and juices. The ninja blade is a very powerful device that helps you to produce delicious and nutritious concoctions in a short amount of time, which means you will save money by not having to purchase juice or smoothie from outside.

How to clean humidifier?

A humidifier is a popular appliance in the modern household due to its convenience and ease of use. However, like any other household appliance, there are some aspects that homeowners neglect but should be aware of when using this product.

How to clean a flask?

When you buy a flask, it is usually shipped with oil or some kind of liquid inside. Sometimes, even after draining it out completely, there might be traces of the past still left behind. This article will discuss how to clean these glass flasks of all debris and impurities.

How to clean cast iron barbeque grill?

Cleaning burnt cast-iron barbecue grates is no easy task. The metal can be tough to remove, and the cleaning process may require harsh chemicals, which are harmful to hands and skin. If you’re looking for a safer method, try using household items like vinegar, oven cleaner and baking soda.

How to clean a refrigerator quarterly like a pro?

Without a doubt, knowing how to clean the refrigerator is essential to make it work properly. This appliance requires the utmost care to continue preserving the food you put there. We have developed essential information for you. Let’s get started How to clean a refrigerator.

What is the correct order of steps for cleaning and sanitizing utensils by hand?

Historically, it’s been recommended that you first wash utensils with soap and water, rinse them in clean water, then sanitize them with chemical sanitizer or heat. Recently, the CDC has recommended that you do things differently. First things first. If you’re washing your own plate or bowl in the sink of your home or your dorm room, you can skip this post. Just remember to wash and rinse in that order.

How to clean old tiles?

The old floors are characterized by their design, color and their liveliness. Thanks to their uniqueness, they bring a special touch to the home. If you have this type of tile at home and wonder how to clean the old floor, you have come to the perfect article. Here, we provide you with the keys to help you recover the color of the tiles, polish the old floor and leave it as new. Next, we give you the best tips to know how to clean old tiles and make them shine. Take note!

How to Clean Your Lampshades Correctly

Lampshades are one kind of metal or something like that which is used with lamps and chandeliers to direct and shield. The lampshade is used in almost all houses. It has some advantages like it protects eyes from direct light, it can direct the light in a fixed way, to soften and more comfortable, to increase the beauty of a room. There are different types of lampshades. Empire, bell, drum, novelty, rectangular, square, bowl are the most common and uses lamp shades.

Empire: This shade looks like a big glass that is set reversely. It is a standard shape as a lampshade. It spread the light downward and look classic.

Bell: It also looks like Empire but the lower part is more spreader than Empire and it has a thick beam through the body.

Drum: It looks like a cylindrical shape. Drum shade allows the light to downward and upward equally.

Clean Lamp Shades

The lamp needs to clean regularly especially the lampshade. If you don’t clean the lampshade regularly then the activity of the lampshade will be decreased day by day. And you have to know how to clean the lampshade otherwise you will damage it when you are going to clean it.  There is various type of and they are made of different type of material. So the process will not to same for every lampshade. So do not worry you can do it yourself. Just follow some rules and guides then you will be a master in the lampshade cleaning.

Fabric Lamp Shade

This type of shade can also accumulate dirt, dust and become yellowed after a period. But it is an exciting thing that if you follow some rules your lampshade will back to its previous situation. First unplugging the lamp then remove all excess dirt and dust. Remove the surface dirt and dust from both inside and outside of the shade. Take a hairdryer to remove existing dirt and dust. Use a hairdryer at the full speed and not hold the hairdryer to the shade. Keep 8 to 10 inches gap between shade and hairdryer.

Parchment Lamp Shade

Turn off the lamp and wait few minutes to cool it. Remove the dirt carefully. To remove the dust you can use a microfiber cloth. Before use the cloth you can remove the excess dust by the use hairdryer. Use a hairdryer to remove dust from inside and outside then use the cloth.

Plastic Lamp Shade

Plastic has some advantages, especially when it needs to clean. though it is not sensible like other shades you have to be careful otherwise your shade will damage. Take ½ cup of delicate detergent of course it is laundry detergent. Now take a medium-size bowl and take 3 to 4 tablespoons of lukewarm water. Beat the mixture until they mix up well then dip a clean rag into the mixture and wipe both sides of the shade. After wipe down keep it in a dry place to dry up.

Glass Lamp Shade

This shade is washable. Your cleaning process is easier than before. But it can be broke or scratch anytime if you drop it. Otherwise, there is no trouble in cleaning a glass lamp shade. Since it is glass so you can use a dishwasher to clean the shade. If you don’t have a dishwasher then don’t be sad there is another process to clean up a glass lamp shade. Take the medium size of the bowl and pour with lukewarm water. Now take some soapy water and white vinegar. And mix them with bowl water. Take a soft cloth and rub it gently. After cleaning, keep the shade in a dry place to dry up.

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How to clean a grinder? A complete guide of easily doing it in just 60 seconds

What is a grinder?

A grinder is a tool that helps you to grind your weed into small pieces before the consumption process. It is the most important step as it helps you to get the most smoke and it increases flavor, taste, and smell.  Besides, it ensures optimizing efficiency and gives you consistent burn. The grinder is the best way to break your weed into small pieces in the shortest possible time.

Ever smelled your little green herbs before rolling a joint? Of course, you did at least once. The smell of those small cruciferous vegetables gave you a thrill inside you before smoking. Grinder helps you to add some extra smell by cutting it into small pieces.

Easiest steps for cleaning your grinder (Select among two methods given)

Disassemble your dirty grinder

Firstly, you have to separate each part of your dirty grinder. In four pieces, a three-chamber grinder, the parts will be grinding, collected, and kief chamber. In some grinders, removable parts can exist between the collection and kief chamber.

Submerge the grinder in alcohol

Right after dissembling your grinder, you have to bring on isopropyl alcohol. Then, place your grinder in a Ziploc bag or a plastic jar. Then fill up the bag or jar with alcohol till all parts of the grinder submerge fully. Then wait for around 30 minutes. After that, agitate the bag or jar a bit to loosen up any stubborn plant residue.

Brush you grinder

After pouring out from the alcohol, brush up your grinder with a stiff-bristled brush. Scrub each chamber properly with that brush so that no residue is left behind.

Wash and dry the grinder

The following step is to clean your grinder thoroughly with warm water. Ensure you wash out all the plan residue and alcohol properly. Then, dry your grinder off with a clean towel. Wait for few minutes till your grinder is complete gets dried. Then, your grinder is completely ready to use.

Alternative methods

Well, there are other easiest steps to clean your grinder properly. I call it the “to the freezer’ method. Well, you might have guessed the reason behind naming it. In this method, you have to go through an additional step of freezing it in your freeze. Let’s go through all the steps of How to clean a grinder:

Dissemble your dirty grinder

Firstly, you have to disassemble your dirty grinder carefully of course without breaking it. You have to remove each chamber from the others.

Remove residue

Remove the leftover residue into a bowel. You can keep the leftover for your later use to prevent waste.  

Take it to the freeze

In this step, you have to freeze the grinder for around 30 minutes. Freezing makes the residue stiffer. When it freezes, it will start developing into trivial clumps instead of clinging strongly with the grinder. The main objective is to make the removal of the residue process easier.

Brush your grinder

After removing the grinder from the freeze, you can brush your dirty grinder with a toothpick or brush. Like before, you can place a bowel beneath to collect the residue.

Soak it in alcohol

After brushing the residue as much as you can properly, brings in alcohol. You have to submerge the residue for around 30 minutes. For that, place the grinder in a Ziploc bag or plastic jar, or glass jar. Fill up the container with isopropyl alcohol. Meanwhile, you can agitate the jar for loosening up residue.

Clean the grinder

After bringing it out from the grinder, you can use a toothbrush or stiff to clean the grinder.

Wash and dry the grinder

Wash your grinder with warm-hot water for getting rid of alcohol and plant residue. Use a clean towel for choking all the water and make it dry.

Well, after reassembling it, your grinder is again ready to use. Load up your grinder with green herbs, grind them down and enjoy your smoke.

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