How to whiten towels with hydrogen peroxide?

How to whiten towels

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Hydrogen peroxide is a product that has many uses for cleaning the home and to end, for example, bloodstains. A reason why it is widely used for both clothing and bedding, such as towels. Precisely, hydrogen peroxide is widely used in these pieces, which tend to accumulate stains and lose their white color as they are washed, so that it always seems that they are dirty.

Oxygenated water becomes an excellent product to end this problem. In addition, it is very easy to apply and the result is really good. Here, we tell you how to whiten towels with hydrogen peroxide so that you can put these tips into practice, end the problem, and that the towels are always like new.

How to whiten towels?How to whiten towels

Many are the people who, after trying a thousand ways to launder clothes, ask themselves, “how do they wash towels in hotels?” It is known to all those hotel towels, despite passing by many people, tend to have immaculate white. According to many hotel employees, the secret is in washing the towels with baking soda and vinegar.

However, another product tends to go unnoticed, which is of great help when cleaning blackened towels and bleaching hydrogen peroxide.

The secret of bleaching towels with hydrogen peroxide is, as with many products, in their chemical composition. Specifically, the key is in hydrogen peroxide, which has the bleaching and disinfecting properties.

Normally, hydrogen peroxide that is kept at home and bought in pharmacies usually contains between 3 and 6% of hydrogen peroxide because they are dilutions used for health. This percentage is usually higher when the product is destined for industrial use.

This data is important when buying the product because, at a higher concentration, it will obviously have more bleaching power and better results will be achieved.

Hydrogen peroxide and stains on clothingHow to whiten towels

Regardless of the hydrogen peroxide to be used to whiten towels, it is important to know that this product acts mainly to remove:

  • Stains
  • Mold formed by moisture
  • Fading or yellowing of clothing

Bleach white towels with hydrogen peroxideHow to whiten towels

Whitening towels with hydrogen peroxide is really very easy, in addition to having the advantage that it takes little time. In fact, it is more than enough to add the product to the washing machine during the washing cycle. Of course, it has to be done properly and following a few steps for the remedy to be effective and prevent the hydrogen peroxide from going directly from the bucket to the drain of the washing machine without having passed through the clothes. Thus, you have to do the following to whiten the gray towels with hydrogen peroxide:

  1. Grab a cup of coffee.
  2. Fill it halfway with hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Prepare the measure of detergent for the clothes you use regularly.
  4. Put the towels in the washing machine.
  5. Add the hydrogen peroxide and detergent before starting the wash. If possible, choose to include in the drum with the devices that come in the detergents, so that the product is supplied progressively instead of the box.
  6. Schedule the wash you use to wash the towels.

The process is now ready. It would only be necessary to wait for the washing to finish to have the whitest towels. It is also a good technique if you are wondering how to bleach cotton towels.

Prepare a homemade detergent with baking soda and hydrogen peroxideHow to whiten towels

In those cases where you do not want to put the hydrogen peroxide directly into the washing machine, another option is to prepare a homemade detergent at home with this product.


  • 2 bars of soap for the washing machine that you have to grate
  • 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide
  • 2 cups of baking soda
  • Hot water


  1. Put the hot water in the bowl.
  2. Add the soap to dissolve it.
  3. Once dissolved, pour the hydrogen peroxide and the baking soda.
  4. Stir well.

Do not worry if foam starts to appear when mixing. It is completely normal. This mixture is what you must put inside the washing machine, select the program, and wait for it to finish to have the white towels. In this case, you don’t need to add any more detergent.

My towels are not cleaned well, what do I do?

If, after following the previous steps, the towels have not been completely white and even some stains remain, do not worry because it has a solution. The key is to apply the hydrogen peroxide in that area directly. To do this, you just have to mix a little product with tap water in a basin to leave the towel submerged for about half an hour. Then, it is washed in the washing machine normally.

Anyway, if the color of the stain is very strong, you can put the hydrogen peroxide directly on the area, but in this case, it is better not to let it act for more than ten minutes. It is preferable to do this process several times so that the towel is not damaged. Whenever you do, remember to wash the towels in the washing machine, even if you are going to repeat the process the next day.