How to Clean the Crock Pot

How to Clean the Crock Pot

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To keep a kitchen pot in good condition, special attention must be paid to its daily cleaning. We do not want our slow cooker to end up like those frying pans that are taking on a suspicious appearance. And that nobody in their judgment would use, except for that grunge host that you cannot avoid.

Hosts aside, we want our slow cooker to last us for many years, and it is also beautiful and fresh, which is why it is the star of our kitchen. so we are going to see some practical points on how to clean the slow cooker or crockpot.

How to Clean the Crock PotHow to Clean the Crock Pot

  • Before cleaning the crockpot, it must be allowed to cool completely. Here the rush is not worth, because if we talk about slow cooking we have to be used to it and be good little grasshoppers. Even if two hours pass, even if three passes, you have to wait. Becoming a yogi of cooking patience has its reward: this way your pot will never break when exposed to sudden variations in temperature during cleaning.
  • Some manufacturers indicate that their pots are dishwasher safe, but what does it cost you to do it by hand? Yes, Mr. Crock says that you can, but have you seen how the glass cups that you clean every day in the dishwasher have ended up? Are you sure you can fully control the process? Who is going to get your beloved pot out of there?
  • If you want to keep your pot in good condition. Without exposing yourself to changes in appearance, loss of shine, etc. wash it by hand, dry it immediately and put it back in the case.
  • Sometimes debris remains stuck to the inside of the pot that is difficult to remove. Before using it again, make sure that its entire surface is clean. And without residues, otherwise, you will end up acquiring an archaeological layer worthy of study.
  • First, try soaking it in hot water and a little dishwasher detergent (I said a little!) For an hour. After that time, pass a sponge, wash it completely and dry it. If there are still stickies, use a blue scouring pad (which does not scratch). Carefully run it over the area and check with your fingers that they are coming out.
  • So far we have put all the focus on the removable stoneware pot. But the casing also requires a bit of attention. Always clean it when it is disconnected from the power supply. After each use, take a look, and when it’s cold (Auntie burns herself to death). Wipe with a damp soft cloth or a damp sponge and dry thoroughly. If the stains do not come off so easily, go to the scouring operation.
  • Sometimes brown spots appear on the inside of the case. To prevent them from coming out, make sure you always insert them completely clean. And dry removable pot into the casing after each use. After cooking some types of legumes, white spots may appear on the walls of the removable stoneware container. They are of no importance and disappear when you cook with the pot again. So there is no drama associated with these spots: your slow cooker will continue to be fresh and fresh. Take it as inopportune acne and wavering. If you want to eliminate it without waiting for the voilver to use it, put a good stream of vinegar in the container, run the pure vinegar on the walls, add water to cover them – mixed with the vinegar that you have added – and let it soak for several hours.
  • I am sure that if some university (the one in Massachusetts for example) did a study on what is the most dangerous moment for a crock pot, it would long win the scrub time. At that moment we relax, we have wet hands, full of soap and we are wanting to finish to get to something else, and we run the risk of it slipping out of our hands and making a chof. Chef catrakrok.

So, when you wash your slow cooker, hold it tight, give it soap with love. As if it were your baby, and do not let it go until you have it well dry inside the case. And pay the Miami to keep an eye on the cover in the meantime. Let’s not be disappointed.