How to clean the coffee maker efficiently

How to clean the coffee maker efficiently

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If you are someone who needs a cup of hot coffee to start the day, then you know the importance of having a good coffee maker at home.

The best coffee maker brands are, without a doubt, the Philips Senseo coffee machines, the Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machines, not to mention the popular Delonghi coffee machines.

And if you’re the type of person who likes a quick coffee at their point, any of these espresso machines or super-automatic coffee machines are sure to do.

Although there are always people who prefer to drink coffee over traditional, preparing it with an Italian coffee maker step by step.

Every morning these appliances help you prepare breakfast and allow you to enjoy the unbeatable flavor of one of the most consumed beverages in the world.

The coffee wakes you up, accompanies you at the table, and wakes you up when you’re tired.

To ensure that your taste and aroma remain unchanged over time, it is essential to clean the coffee maker frequently and appropriately.

This will prevent the accumulation of mold and bacteria that are harmful to health and help to maintain the life of your device for longer.

In this article, I am going to teach you how to clean the coffee maker efficiently

How to clean the coffee maker after each useHow to clean the coffee maker efficiently

Wash the coffee maker every day, or at least every time you use it. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Unplug the machine.
  2. Remove the coffee grounds (the waste from the preparation) to avoid collecting residues.
  3. Separate the removable parts of the appliance and clean them with warm water and detergent in the same way that you wash the dishes.
  4. If they are very dirty, soak them for a few minutes in the sink or put them in the dishwasher, as long as this is explicitly allowed in the equipment’s instruction manual.
  5. To keep moisture from accumulating, leave the water tank lid open until it is completely dry.
  6. Remove the leftover coffee grounds from the warming plate.
  7. Clean the outside of the coffee maker with a damp cloth.
  8. Once all the pieces are dry, put it back together and it is ready for a new use.

How to deep clean your coffee makerHow to clean the coffee maker efficiently

In addition to the daily washing, you must carry out in-depth cleaning of your coffee maker at least once a month, to remove grease and lime residues from the water.

There are products specially designed for this task, which are easily available in supermarkets and online stores.

These decalcifiers come in the form of tablets, powder, or liquid solutions and serve to eliminate all kinds of internal residues, helping to prolong the life of your equipment.

Its use is very simple: in general, they are placed in the water tank, and then the coffee machine is started to carry out a normal preparation cycle. Many computers even come with a built-in cleaning function.

If you prefer to use natural ingredients, I recommend the use of vinegar or lemon juice for an in-depth wash.

In that case, follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill the tank with a solution consisting of 2 parts water and 1 part white vinegar or lemon juice, and let it sit there for about 20 minutes.
  2. Put a filter in the corresponding place and put the coffee machine into operation as if you were going to prepare coffee.
  3. When half of the content has been filtered, turn off the machine.
  4. Allow half an hour to pass and turn the equipment on again until the process is finished.
  5. Once the tank has been emptied, refill it with water and run a new complete brewing cycle to remove any traces of vinegar or lemon juice.
  6. If the machine still smells of these ingredients, repeat the operation once more.
  7. Clean the jug and filter holder with hot water and detergent.
  8. Rinse the rest of the coffee maker.
  9. Clean the exterior with a damp cloth or scrub brush.

With this simple procedure, your appliance will be completely clean, eliminating all kinds of waste.

More tips to keep your coffee maker always cleanHow to clean the coffee maker efficiently

To keep your appliance flawless for longer, also follow these recommendations :

  • Always read the instruction manual of your equipment before washing your coffee maker for the first time.
  • Change the filter regularly so that no debris accumulates.
  • Do not use the coffee pot to fill the water tank. Instead, use an exclusive container or bottle for this purpose. This way you will avoid the transfer of impurities.
  • Rinse the filter holder after each use since mold usually accumulates there.
  • During cleaning, handle the jug of the machine with care, as these are very fragile.
  • Use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels.
  • Baking soda is also a good option to clean the inside of the coffee maker. To do this, apply a little to a damp cloth and then rinse with water to remove the remains.
  • When not in use, leave the carafe and water tank uncovered to prevent moisture build-up.

Why it is important to clean your coffee maker

Many people believe that since coffee is prepared with hot water, the high temperature kills bacteria, guaranteeing the hygiene of the appliance.

However, different studies, such as the one published in the journal Scientific Reports, have shown that the interior of coffee machines can become a breeding ground for pathogenic germs if you are not careful with their cleaning.

The parts that usually accumulate the most microorganisms are the place where the capsules are placed, the drip tray, and the water tank.

These bacteria can cause diarrhea and digestive problems, among other health disorders. They also alter the flavor of the coffee, causing it to have an unpleasant taste and aroma.

Keep in mind that this appliance is used almost every day. Washing its parts after each use and performing a deep cleaning at least once a month will guarantee that it stays useful longer

This way you will keep your coffee maker unaltered and you will be able to enjoy the unique sensation of drinking a good coffee every time you want it.