How to clean a blender in less than 5 minutes fast and well

How to clean a blender in less than 5 minutes

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Like any appliance that is used to prepare food or drinks, after using your juice extractor you will need to clean it so that it remains in optimal conditions of use for many years. Also, food scraps are never a good idea, luckily cleaning a cold press blender or centrifugal blender is easy on the newer models.

Keep in mind that all the models that are often on the market today already have in mind the need to clean the blender easily and simply. What’s more, if you look at the best-selling versions you will discover that a large part of them, if not all, have a design that allows you to clean the parts of the blender almost immediately.

Some of the parts of the blender can be difficult to clean, but if just the model of juice extractors or smoothie you have has this feature, it will come with the appropriate cleaning equipment. Cleaning the juicer or juicer with these tools is a simple and quick operation.

Important: Remember not to use an aluminum scouring pad or anything similar to remove the difficult remains because they are dry, with this you will damage the walls of the electric blender when trying to clean it and I assure you that you do not want that.

HOW TO CLEAN A CENTRIFUGAL BLENDERHow to clean a blender in less than 5 minutes

Regardless of whether you have a Clatronic blender, a Moullinex, or any other model of juice extractor, you will see that the design they have allows you to wash and clean the blender as soon as you use it.

The most complicated blenders to clean are the spin blenders because you have to clean the part destined for the deposit of the non-useful pulp that comes off during the blending process with the blades. To clean a centrifugal blade blender, the best thing you can do is remove a solid piece of pulp from the machine’s reservoir with a piece of paper, and then go over it with water directly under the jet of your kitchen faucet. That way you will get rid of all the remains that are left after using your centrifugal blender.

When it comes to your blender blades, you can do two things, you can remove them to clean them thoroughly and thoroughly, or do what I recommend: use water. You just need to fill the chamber in which the blades are with water and turn it on at maximum power. With this, you will make the water completely clean the blades of your centrifugal blender from residues and you will have your juice maker ready and shiny for when you want to use it again.


Without a doubt my favorites. A powerful beast both in quality of juices and in regards to its cleanliness. Right here you can see how to clean a juice extractor or a cold press blender so you can see how easy it is. As in the previous case of the centrifuge, it is enough that you use water inside it to internally clean the juice extractor of all the remains that are hidden inside the machine in the most difficult points.

After that, you just need to disassemble the parts and give them a review under the tap. In less than 5 minutes you will also have your slow pressing model clean to use at will again. So as you can see, in addition to being a silent blender, it is also an excellent option if you want to spend little time on how to clean a blender at home.

CLEAN THE BLENDER IN THE DISHWASHERHow to clean a blender in less than 5 minutes

Another alternative that more and more modern versions present is to be able to put them inside the dishwasher so that it is they who do all the work. Of course, if you are going to want to clean your blender easily using this method, it is still highly recommended that you first do the above process of blending water so that the slow juice extractor works correctly and efficiently.

I consider that to be the most important part of the blender cleaning process. Once you have done this, much of the remains will be gone. And the dishwasher will do the same as you do by cleaning the machine parts by hand at the home tap.

The advantage that we can give you is that you make sure that the cleaning of the blender reaches all corners of it and that it saves you from having to do it yourself. It is a matter of taste and time available.


There are two important reasons why it is worth spending five minutes on maintaining the blender through cleaning its parts. The first of these is hygiene, by avoiding the storage of remains of fruits, vegetables, and vegetables within it, you will avoid spoiling future juices that you want to prepare and come into contact with possible uncleaned remains.

Another practical reason to have a proper cleaning in your electric blender is that thanks to the maintenance of its parts and components you will achieve years of useful life. Thanks to spending a maximum of five minutes after using it, you will see that it still lasts a few years of extra useful life. So it pays to do a little maintenance and cleaning after use.

If you plan to use it several times in the same day, my advice is to at least do a water filter once you finish using it. The ideal is to do a complete cleaning, but I know that sometimes laziness can outweigh our desire to do it, so at least do a round of water to clean the largest impurities and remains.